Unusual Sports Around the World and in the UK

unusual sports to try

Unusual Sports Around the World

Nowadays, mainstream sports such as football, athletics, and basketball are regarded as passé and people are embracing some sports which are somewhat off-the-wall.

Here is a list of some of the most unusual sports around the globe.

Ostrich Racing:

You might have never given much thought to these gigantic birds before; however, they are a big deal in South Africa (where ostrich racing originated) not only as a delicacy and source for the hide that is used in making expensive leather items but as sporting birds. Ostrich racing is slowly gaining traction in the United States due to its uniqueness; the participants sit on the ostriches as they race around a marked track.

Wife Carrying:

In this game, only married couples are eligible. Men are expected to carry their wives off their backs as they race with other participants through an obstacle track. The sport is originally from Sonkajarvi, Finland, but it has become popular in North America.

Toe Wrestling:

Traditionally, it is considered as a childhood game, but recently it has gained popularity among adults. The rules for this game are incredibly simple; with socks and shoes off, the participants face off each other by the use of their big toes in a wrestling ring commonly known as toedium. The first World Toe Competition dates back to 1976 in Wetton, Derbyshire in the United Kingdom. Today, the championships take place at the Bentley Brook Inn, around the Derbyshire and Staffordshire border.

Chess Boxing

As its name suggests, chessboxing is a mixture of two mainstream games: boxing and chess. This sport dates back to 1992 and it requires both brawn and brains. Since its inception, the sport has gone international with nations such as Germany, France, Netherlands, Japan, and the UK embracing it. The contestants are required to possess both boxing and chess prowess so as to finish at the highest level.


Though classified as one of the most unusual sports in the UK, Zorbing is super simple to play: Just climb inside a huge pneumatic ball and roll down the hill. Sounds pretty strange, right? Of course, it does. The sport is a 90s invention of Andrew David and Akers who are both from Rotorua, New Zealand. Since then, these investors have expanded its reach to several nations including the US. Just like zip lining, Zorbing is a one-off experience than a hobby you choose.

Elephant Polo

This game is a variant of the traditional polo sport, but it’s played on the back of an elephant.  The sport has been in existence since the first British debut in Nepal and India. The game is popular in countries like Thailand, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The pieces of equipment used in this sport include a cane pole with a mallet at the end and a polo ball. There are not many elephants in the UK for us to play this sport, but who knows, it might become popular in the future.


Cycleball is similar to association football; however, it’s played with contestants riding on bicycles. The sport is also known as “radball” and it originated in Germany but also is rising in popularity in the United Kingdom.

If you’re a sporty person in the UK who would like to have a new sporting experience, try some of these unusual sports that are taking the gaming industry by storm.


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