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Types of clients every professional escort encounters when working in the UK

When you start working as an escort in the UK you quickly realize each client is different. In every girl’s life, there will be a lot of men, each one with their own desires, but all of them looking for the same thing.

Learning the main types of clients and what they want is going to help you become a better escort in the United Kingdom, so here is a list of the most common types of men who come looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience from a gorgeous woman.

The powerful man

One of the most common types of men who hire travel companions in the UK is the powerful man, the one who has reached the top of the social ladder. He is confident, wealthy, and is used to manage people all day long. Most of the time, this type of client is looking for a change – something out of the box for him. In some cases, it is all about being dominated by the woman, either by requesting expensive gifts, either by a soft form of BDSM.

The man looking to dominate

Opposed to the former type of client, this man is looking for a woman he can dominate between the sheets. In this category there are many escort clients, most of them being rather shy in their daily life. You can expect them to need a drink before they can actually grab the reins and try to push things over the edge to feel powerful.

The rescuer

For some men the most powerful feeling in the world comes from saving a damsel in distress. One of the places they can turn this fantasy true is by saving a woman from her  life as an a professional companion and turn her into a regular girl who works in a 9 to 5 job. These men just want to hear from you that you are eager to start a new life, the one they propose and plan for you, so they can feel good about themselves.  Of course, very few escorts are Vivian from Pretty Woman, but you can always play the part for your client’s pleasure.

The groom (and his best man)

Men who are getting married the very next day often want to experience stag life one more time, so they book an escort and might come with their best man for a double date in London or anywhere else in the UK.

The cuddle type

Not all men are looking to have sex, some only want to be with someone one night. They are looking to talk, cuddle and have a nice dinner with friendly person. This client can be difficult, as they require extra attention and can be very emotional. These men can be people who recently lost their partner or people who enjoy a wealthy life but lack a connection with a loving partner.

These are only a small part of the many types of clients you will encounter if you work in London. The key to being the best in your job is to adapt to each one’s needs and give them what they want, regardless if it is a passionate, crazy night of love or a deep, meaningful talk.



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