Sex Tips for Busy Couples And Parents living in the UK

sex tips

Many couples in the UK slowly fall into a monotonous sex life particularly after they become parents, and instead of being intimate, all their focus shifts on paying bills. Hopefully, there are still ways to rekindle the passion even for busy professionals with demanding careers. And the best thing is that even the children will be happy to see their parents being affectionate to each other; however, you should have a code word to use when you want to have sex.

Here are some important sex tips for everyone living in the UK:

Put some music on to get you in the mood:

When you’re going to make love, it’s often tough to be completely quiet. Your moans and groans might attract the children’s attention so put on some romantic music and pump up the volume. If it’s a quickie, for example, you’ll have to concentrate so that you can be able to climax after one or two songs.

Fasten your bed to reduce noise:

A squeaky bed is the number one tell-tale sign of people having sex, and your children will figure this out quickly. Tighten the frame of the bed and place it in the center of the room; it will be easier to enjoy a quick love-making session before anyone notices you disappeared together.

Experiment with sex toys – there are many out there:

To make sex interesting, why not use toys? There are numerous types of toys for couples to enjoy. Always wash your sex toys after each session and keep them away from your children’s reach.

Love Honey is always a good place to start when looking for them naughty adult toys.

Always use lube:

When you’re trying to have a quickie at home with the kids around, you’ll not have enough time to get your partner wet. Lube will help penetration so that you both enjoy, friction would cause chafing or discomfort.

Rent a room nearby:

If you can’t get enough time at home, rent a hotel room nearby. This way, you can avoid interruptions while still being close by in case there is an emergency at home. If your kids are older, you can get away for a few nights to enjoy all types of sex: morning, room service, and shower.

Take it in turns to feed each other:

Feeding your partner fruits such as berries and grapes is sweet foreplay, but it’s also a great way to build your kid’s appetite, especially if you have a toddler. Children imitate adult behavior so they will develop a liking for fruits. After you’ve eaten as a family, take some more fruits to the bedroom for a steamy session.  

Arrange a date where you can go out and spend the evening together:

Once in a while, leave the kids with a babysitter and go on a date in London. A nice dinner and live music can set the mood for a romantic night ahead. In Birmingham and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, busy professionals should schedule at least one night out in a week to spend with their significant other, and hot sex should be the last item on the menu.  

Flirt with each other like you did at the start of the relationship:

Studies reveal that couples in the UK start to experience a diminished sex life when they stop flirting. Strengthen your bond through flirting, which can recreate the initial spark that brought you together. Light the fire in your sex life by making your partner feel sexier through compliments and genuine appreciation.


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