Etiquette Guide for the Modern British Gentleman

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Although discussing etiquette seems like an old-fashioned concept, it’s still relevant. No one aims to be a douche-bag, which is why you have to practice good manners in modern society. Etiquette mainly comprises of a variety of codes of conduct; the engagement rules for all aspects of life including business meetings, social events, and romantic dates.

Etiquette and the modern British man in the UK:

The 21st Century has brought a changed mindset on how the modern British gentleman should dress and behave. The advent of new technologies has dissolved dress codes and the initial perception of a gentleman in the United Kingdom has changed completely. In addition, gender equality campaigns and sexual politics have caused a paradigm shift that has forced us to relearn everything.

Fortunately, common sense is the major determinant of proper etiquette; transform into a nicer person and you’ll automatically become well-mannered.

Etiquette for diverse situations:

It comes as no surprise that how you’ll handle yourself when with your loved one is not the same way you’ll handle yourself in a business meeting. Here are some pointers on proper etiquette for different situations:

• Dating – A gentleman should offer to pay the bill on the first date, but do not insist. If the lady wants to split it 50-50, agree. Organise the first date and send a reminder message a day before. When dating online, the British gentleman should message first by saying something specific pertaining to the profile details. Upload recent photos on your profile.

  • Meeting with an escort – It’s rather simple really if you treat women with the utmost respect, then these girls will give you great escorting experiences you desire, just because you are not in a “relationship” doesn’t mean you can be rude or expect her to pay the food bill because this is not how you should treat your escort. Respect is key and you should always treat people exactly the same way you wish to be treated. 

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• At work – In the UK, you spend most of your working years with your co-workers than any other people. Follow up with texts and emails, but it’s best to call if it’s an urgent matter. Stand up when you’re introducing yourself or someone else is introducing you. Handshakes should be brief and firm.

• Out and about – Consider other people by holding the door open for anyone behind you who might be inconvenienced. When at the ATM machine in London or in Leeds, give the person ahead of you some space. Don’t overstay your welcome at a restaurant and never throw a temper tantrum in public.

• With friends – Although mates laugh at each other all the time, etiquette should still be observed. You should never make fun of your mate just to look good and make them look bad. Always pay your way and don’t over-order when someone else is paying the bill. The most important unwritten rule: your friend’s ex is off boundaries.

• Style and substance – The age-old culture of removing your hat when indoors is outdated in the UK. A better way is to decide whether the hat is acceptable in the setting (like in a fish and chips café) or it’s inappropriate (like in a church or a wedding). Don’t wear sunglasses at night or indoors. Wear fitting clothes.

• The internet – Social media in the United Kingdom has brought about a new way to interact and it’s easy to forget that your boss can see all your uploaded photos. Use privacy settings to keep your private life away from the rest of the world. Don’t air your dirty laundry on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t tag people in posts or photos that they’re not interested in.



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